Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Blogger Mama!

So yeah, I totally stink at blogging! I just noticed that my last post was back in April. How sad is that! A whole 7 months has passed! Baileigh is 9 months old now (10 months on Nov. 30th). I can't remember her weight right off the top of my head (I can't remember a lot of things these days!). I have her paperwork from her last dr's appt. still out in the car! But, I do know one thing. She is the best baby in the whole world!
She is a FANTASTIC sleeper! I didn't know babies could sleep as good as she does. She'll go to bed around 8:15-8:30...and not get up till 9, sometimes 10! STRAIGHT THROUGH! She's been sleeping like that for months and I am so grateful! She knows how much I need my sleep! She's so active during the day, too, so I know she's worn out by the end of the day.
She has been crawling since just before turning 5 months old. She has two bottom teeth and no others trying to poke through just yet. She will "furniture walk" everywhere and can crawl up every single step going up our staircase like it's nothing!
She talks all the time (mamamama, dadadada, etc.) She has the BEST smile while lights up the room! She giggles all the time when excited and has the heartiest laugh from her toes when tickled! =)
She LOVES music! (Making it and dancing to it) Any time a song comes on, she starts dancing and smiling/laughing! She's finding that if she hits two things together, it makes a noise. She's got great rhythm. I keep my old keyboard plugged in and turned on at all times. When we're up here in the bonus room, she'll crawl over and start playing something. She even knows the buttons to turn on the "demos". I've caught her singing as she watches TV, too! Who knows! Maybe she'll be a singer or a musician! She's certainly on her way!
She'll eat 2 servings of mashed potatoes and gravy from McAlister's, and before Fuddrucker's closed, she could eat an entire side of mac and cheese! She LOVES Cheetos and Cheerio's and thinks she has a whole mouthful of teeth when she does eat!
Let's see, what I have a lot of ground to cover!
Well...I know there's lots more, but I think instead I'll just leave you with pictures from the last few months...and maybe a video or two! =) Thanks for you loyal blog followers who reminded me it's WAY past time to update!! Till next time!

Baileigh 7 mth's and pulling up!
My 8 month old beauty!
More of my 8 mth. old!
Baileigh on Halloween! My sweet 9 mth. old pumpkin!


My Little Pirate's Booty (no pun intended!)

My 7 mth. old!

Another 7 mth. pic ( thanks mrs. jennifer!)


Laci Strickland said...

Yay, you're BACK!! Love the post. And the pictures. And of course, LOVE Miss Baileigh Gray!!!!

Michelle Lodeserto said...

YAY!!!!! Welcome back missy! I loved all the pictures!! Baileigh is a beauty. And she sleeps like Natalia- only Natalia goes to bed at like 8:30ish (trying to get that earlier) wakes up to eat at like 6:30ish and then back to sleep until 9-10 as well!! Maybe soon she will skip the early morning feed and sleep late like Miss Baileigh. Sometimes I make fun of Natalia cause she sleeps late like a teenager. Haha. Baileigh too. Good for us mommies.

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